Why create a Mycarematters Profile?

Mycarematters is a secure and reliable way of informing hospital staff and other healthcare professionals about the things you want them to know about you as a person. Information that will help them treat you in a dignified and person-centred manner if you are admitted to hospital. It will enable them to see beyond your medical condition, and to know more about what matters to you.

This is of particular value to those unable to communicate their needs, such as those living with dementia, but there may come a time in any of our lives that we are admitted to hospital, for a planned visit or in an emergency and may, temporarily or otherwise, be unable to communicate. Mycarematters provides the opportunity to tell hospital staff that you drink your tea black, about your fear of needles or to check your hearing aid is in and switched on if they want to talk to you, providing you with prompts to help you include anything relevant.

Is my information secure?

We take the security of your information very seriously. Our account creation procedure ensures that we can keep your information safe and private. Your data is stored in a secure environment meeting the highest standards and we use the latest encryption techniques to prevent unauthorised access.

How does Mycarematters work?

It is a simple process to create your Mycarematters profile; we guide you through through a number of questions, with prompts to help you provide the information that matters to you. If a question is not relevant you can just skip it, and there is an opportunity to provide information not already covered.

You will also be given the opportunity to upload a couple of photos, and to provide the contact details of two emergency contacts. Hospital staff will be prompted to send them a message in the event that you are admitted to hospital (maybe you need to let your neighbour know to feed your pets).

When you have submitted your information you will be sent an email with your Mycarematters code. Hospital staff will need this, as well as your name and date of birth, to access the information you have stored online.

Mycarematters is up and running and all security features are in place for you to store your information with confidence, but not all hospital staff are aware of the existence of this service. So, create a Mycarematters profile (for yourself,  for family members on their behalf or for your care home residents), and we then recommend that you print out your profile and take it with you when you go hospital. But also have your Mycarematters code with you and ask hospital staff to retrieve your record from the Mycarematters website, where they can view and print your information, and send a message to your emergency contacts.

Click here to create a Mycarematters profile.

Click here if you would like to use Mycarematters in your hospital.

Still unsure or would like to comment – get in touch.


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