About us

Mycarematters is a social business established in 2016 with a mission to improve the experience of being cared for in any care setting, by ensuring that the whole person – not just their medical condition – is taken into account by all those interacting with them.

The award-winning online service was created by Zoe Harris in the light of her late husband’s experience with dementia, evolving from a paper-based tool Zoe produced to help share the information she knew Geoff would have talked about with those caring for him had he been able. Variations of those original communication tools, known as Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts, have been adopted by over 1,200 care homes throughout the UK.

Mycarematters now has a team of highly skilled and motivated designers who meet on a regular basis to address the numerous challenges frequently faced by a service such as this, in reaching the people who stand most to benefit, in reflecting peoples’ needs (both staff and patients) and in embedding it in the culture of a care setting, so as to truly make a difference: improving outcomes, reducing costs.

The Mycarematters Board of Advisers have between them a wide range of expertise in health and social care, commerce, tech design and management.

Zoe was  included in the 2014 list of HSJ Innovators and Nesta/Observer Top 50 Radicals, won a FastGrowth Award with UnLtd/The Coutts Foundation to further develop Care Charts UK, gained the support of Bethnal Green Ventures to create Mycarematters, and was twice selected as one of 15 finalists in the EIB European Social Innovation Tournament.

Mycarematters is a finalist in the Essex Challenge Dementia 2018, won the Outstanding Product category in the 2017 National Dementia Care Awards and was a finalist in the Helix Imperial Design competition 2016.

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