About the Author

ZE Harris Care Charts UK webI am the founder and director of Care Charts UK, a social enterprise set up in the light of my late husband’s experience with dementia, and the creator of Mycarematters, an online platform where you can store the information healthcare professionals need to know about you as a person in order for them to provide dignified and person-centred care.

Before being forced onto the steep learning curve experienced by every family carer, my career included sports journalism and then board membership of a plc raising funds for early-stage companies, as marketing director. I had already given up full time work to spend more time with our young daughters when Geoff started to display the symptoms which I finally realised had to be dementia-related. Our daughters were 15 and 13 when he received a diagnosis, but they had already been living for at least 3 years with their father displaying increasingly inexplicable behaviour. It was not an easy time for them  but when I look back I am amazed – and hugely proud – at their capacity to adapt to the circumstances.

I am proud to have been included in the 2014 list of HSJ Innovators and Nesta/Observer Top 50 Radicals, to have won a FastGrowth Award with UnLtd/The Coutts Foundation to further develop Care Charts UK, to have had the support of Bethnal Green Ventures to create Mycarematters, and to have been selected as one of 15 finalists in the EIB European Social Innovation Tournament.


Twitter: @ZoeHarrisCCUK    LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/zoeharrisccuk



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