“Having the information that all staff can see meant that they find out more about Mum as the person instead of the lady that made odd comments about animals and children!  We came in one day and found Mum and the housekeeping staff who had offered her tea were talking about their shared experience of living on a farm.  The staff member said she would never had known that about her if she had not seen it on the Display Board.”

C.O. Family carer

“What a good idea! I have put the keyfob on his key ring in case of any need. I may well put one of the stickers into his wallet for a start, and I shall make sure his Mycarematters record can be seen by anyone who comes here.  As Jack is registered blind, this will be extremely useful.”

A.B. Family carer

“As the son and part-time carer for my 89 year old father who has dementia I have had the experience of dealing with many external carers supplied from care agencies. The level of care whilst it comes with the best intentions can often be variable. My father despite having dementia has a fertile and active mind albeit somewhat wandering at times. He requires and thrives on active and personal social interaction during the time that he receives personal attention and care for his daily needs. This personal social interaction is very difficult to achieve with changes in health care people as building a relationship and a knowledge bank takes time and staff turnover can be frequent. In addition, the family doesn’t always have the time to instruct fully on those things and memories that are important to my father and will embellish his daily life. I have recently come across Mycarematters and have registered my dad on this site. It went through all the important and critical areas that any carer would need and indeed would like to know about their client. I’m very impressed by this service and I believe that Mycarematters is the way to go in the future for all whether they have dementia or not.  I would strongly encourage everyone to register and use this site to build a data-bank of information on themselves or on their loved ones to assist in their care in the future.’    

J.B. Family carer