Information for healthcare professionals

It is said to take an average 100 minutes to collect basic information about a patient when first admitted to a hospital ward, if they struggle to communicate. And even then you may not discover the little things that matter, that are not directly related to their medical condition. But if that information was available from the minute a patient was admitted it could help all staff get to know them, to understand what matters to them, be able to meet their needs and in doing so build trust.

The award-winning Mycarematters aims to make that information available to you. If a patient already has a Mycarematters profile, in less than a minute you can access and view it on any internet-linked device or print it out.


Such an approach has recently been endorsed by NHS Improvement in their Dementia Assessment and Improvement Framework intended to to help hospitals achieve ‘outstanding’ care standards for those living with dementia during their stay in hospital: “Key at-a-glance-information is displayed above the bed (with person’s or carer’s agreement): preferred name, likes, dislikes and enhanced care needs”.

The four elements that ensure the Mycarematters System really does make a difference are:

  • brevity: staff have very limited time to read ‘non-essential’ information so a Mycarematters Profile is printed / written on one single-sided A4
  • immediacy: a patient’s profile can be accessed within minutes of them arriving on the ward
  • transferability: whether moving from one ward to another, to another care setting for rehab, or returning home with a care package a patient’s Mycarematters profile is always available
  • visibility: we ask all hospitals using Mycarematters to display patients’ profiles behind the bed.

We’ve set up a fictitious record for you to see for yourself how it works. Go to, click on Retrieve Info and tap in Betty Patient, DoB 20/10/1933 Code 9032168647

A number of hospitals, both community and acute, are now incorporating Mycarematters into their procedures. East Surrey Hospital was the first to trial it; we used a mix of paper and digital profiles and developed a Display Board that can be fixed to the wall behind the bed (we have a number of other Display Options available to display a Mycarematters printout).

That trial and others now completed in community and acute hospitals have resulted in extremely positive evaluations. Just two of the many comments collected from family members are: “It makes Mum a person again” and “It’s a brilliant idea.. I think it’s a really nice insight into my dad” and from staff: “It’s great having the information about a person available at a glance, without having to search through the file.”

If you wish to use the Mycarematters system in your organisation, and make it available to all patients whether or not they have created an online profile for themselves, we offer packages that include blank Mycarematters care charts that can be filled in by hand and displayed in the same way. Please get in touch for further details.



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