Proud sponsors of a great campaigner…

Lots has been going on behind the scenes at Mycarematters: refining the tech, ongoing trials in community hospitals (more on both shortly),  but all was put on hold recently for the Leeds marathon when we followed the mile on mile progress of the fabulous Joan (Jo) Pons Laplana who many will know via Twitter (@thebestjoan).JoPonsLaplanaMCMsnip2

Jo was raising money for Cavell Nurse’s Trust and devised a fabulous formula of being sponsored for every mile of the Leeds Marathon, as well as inviting sponsorship of his running vest (we’re that yellow flash below Jo’s ribs!). Jo then not only ran the marathon but conducted his own tweetathon en route!

Jo was kind enough to put Mycarematters through its paces and has given his permission for us to provide access to his Mycarematters record, so if you’d like to know what he prefers watching on TV, whether he’s got any pets and what not to serve him if he comes round for dinner, go to, click on Retrieve Info and type in Jo’s details: Firstname: Joan   Surname: Pons Laplana   DofB 27/03/1975    Code: 9244497576 .


Then please take a moment to consider how useful that information would be to healthcare professionals if Jo was admitted to hospital and was unable to communicate his own needs and preferences. Not to treat a medical condition – his medical notes cater for that – but to treat the whole person, an approach that is increasingly understood to speed up recovery and improve outcomes.